North Korea 75 anniversary celebration
North Korea 75 anniversary celebration

We did mention yesterday that the G20 summit is taking place in India this time around and it is happening over the weekend as the world leaders such as US President Biden, Italy’s Prime Minister as well as Germany’s Chancellor have arrived in New Delhi to attend the meetings and hold talks with their counterparts. However, there is something else that is taking place at the same time as well and this is the celebrate parade of North Korea’s 75th anniversary which is celebrated by North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un and his daughter. He has held a military parade to mark this day and this is not a surprise at all.

The news that we are interested in is that G20 leaders such as Russia and China that skipped the visit to India have sent their delegates to North Korea in order to attend the North Korea military parade. To be honest, China hasn’t skipped the event but they have sent their Prime Minister instead of the President. Same is the case with Russia as well as President Putin is not attending the event. While they have marked their visits, we know who holds the power in those countries so their significance is felt much more.

Talking about North Korea’s parade celebrations, reports suggest that the “lack of Russian government officials at the festivities in Pyongyang could be related to preparations for a summit between Kim and Putin, which Washington expects within the month”. It is worth noting that Russia and North Korea are likely to agree on a deal to supply arms to Russia for their war against Ukraine and will get something in return as well, most likely grains. Reports have revealed that “While China has sent a delegation led by Vice Premier Liu Guozhong to the North Korea’s anniversary celebrations, Russia sent a military song and dance group.” If we didn’t already know about the likelihood of a Summit between Kim and Putin taking place then we could have said that the Russian delegation looks dull but we know that things are going behind the scenes so sending a neutral delegation makes sense.

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