Ukrainian President Zelensky accused Russia of severe blackouts. He said that the targeted area is eastern Ukraine. This can be a revenge attack because of Ukraine’s counter-offensive. Russia wants the people of Ukraine to get deprived of light and heat. This was again alleged by Zelensky.

Millions of people suffered the incidence of blackouts. Eastern Kharkiv and Donetsk were the main regions of this attack. But the power was later restored. This was a revenge attack because Ukraine regained about 3,000 sq. km area.

However, Ihor Terekhov is the mayor of Kharkiv. He said that the attack on the city’s infrastructure cut off power and water supply. This was on a Sunday evening. Two missile strikes also followed this. The sound of the strikes scared many people in the evening.

Many government authorities requested people to stay calm. The emergency services were continuous to get things running. 130 settlements in Sumy were without power. Other places also reported this considerable problem.

President Zelensky was furious after hearing about the power cuts. He even labeled them as ‘ acts of terrorism. He also shared all this info through telegram. However, Ukraine regained a large amount of area within a few days. This was a major achievement. The area captured is two times the area of Great Britain.

Russia entered Balaklyia on Friday. Even Russia confirmed that they have pulled back their troops. They, however, did not mention the actual reason. The Russian side mentioned that they want to focus on Donetsk. The Russian troops retreated from two other towns as well.

The residents of the towns recaptured can come back within 10 days. This has been a major success since the start of the war. Valerii Marchenko confirmed this. He is the mayor of Izyum. Almost two-thirds of the population left the towns and cities. They are desperate to come back despite the chaos.

Credits: BBC

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