AXIS-Y has more than 61 million views on their #axisy branded hashtag.

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AXIS-Y, a Korea based skincare brand, has announced the reason for its success story at TikTok.

The most intriguing part about their TikTok is that they only have 6.9k followers on their TikTok page, however, their exposure and reach on TikTok is many times more than their follower count with more than 61 million views on their #axisy branded hashtag.

AXIS-Y has more than 61 million views on their #axisy branded hashtag.
AXIS-Y has more than 61 million views on their #axisy branded hashtag.

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok is the most unfiltered and genuine and home to the content of TikTok challenges, skits, or the hottest AI filters.

Through this rising platform, you can see how normal, everyday users join in on the latest trends like “Nobody’s gonna know” and the “WAP dance challenge”.

And people can see why TikTok is so attractive to users with TikTokers like Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae, and Zac King who became internet famous with their viral videos showcasing their dancing and MagicTricks, pushing them to follower counts of 104.2 million, 72.9 million, and 54.2 million, respectively. This instant shot to fame heightens the stake for users to upload their own content, especially content that is currently trending on TikTok.

With its active user base, more and more people are joining TikTok every day. In October 2020, TikTok had 850 million users and this number is expected to grow to 1.2 billion this year. But for any brand that is trying to compete or grow on TikTok, it is not easy as users on TikTok look for content from other users, much like themselves, to get up to date with the latest trending content.

But brands are seeing the value of TikTok as a part of their long term social media marketing as the platform opens up with TikTok. For business where marketers can run ads, host branded TikTok challenges, and so on. And with the introduction of live stream shopping, it is now more than ever for brands to join TikTok.

There was one brand that stood out when scrolling through the “For You” page on TikTok ─ AXIS-Y ─ a Korea based “climate inspired skincare brand”.

AXIS-Y shares their insight on how they were able to achieve these numbers organically on a platform that brands would consider a challenge to grow on.

Below is an internal interview with the CEO of AXIS-Y, Maggie Yue:

Why did AXIS-Y decide to open a TikTok account?

“Honestly, we wanted to explore this new platform that we didn’t know much about. Since then we have seen a lot of changes and improvements in our engagement and reach. On our Instagram, our followers were mostly around ages 25-34, but after we opened our TikTok, our community around ages 18-24 outgrew other age groups. In addition, we learned that it is much easier to make a video for TikTok because it is fast and short, much more so than Instagram.”

How was AXIS-Y able to reach more than 61 million views on the #axisy hashtag in a short period of time?

“It’s difficult to track our success on TikTok since our products were being reviewed or shown on the platform without us reaching out to these users. The content is real, unfiltered reviews from people without us having to do any of the legwork that comes with working with influencers such as finding and contacting them. These users enjoy our brand and our products so it’s natural that they want to share it with others. From one video to another, we noticed how the interest in our brand is growing and this ensures us that we are on the right path.”

The AXIS-Y Mugwort Pore Clarifying Wash Off Pack is viral on TikTok. What do you think makes it so special?

“It is indeed unique and different compared to other wash off packs out there but the main difference is the development process. Our wash off pack was not just developed for care for pore concerns or alleviating acne, it was formulated specially to help people cope with the current pandemic as a form of self care. And luckily, skincare is just one activity that people have turned to during lockdown which is one of the reasons why we think that our wash off pack became a bestseller.”

“We knew that our wash off pack will be one of the key products of our skincare line, but its virality was one thing that we were not expecting and we sold out our stock in just two weeks after its launch. All the TikTok videos of our wash off pack are different; they reflect the personality and style of each user, but collectively, they enjoy the self care experience our wash off pack provides in a rather stressful period that we are all going through together.”

We noticed that most of your followers are from Indonesia and other SEA countries both on your Instagram account and on TikTok. Is there any specific reason for it?

“All of our products are developed for targeting skin concerns in hot and humid weather, and in particular, our skincare has gained popularity in SEA countries as our customers are seeing the benefits of using our products in tropical climates. In November 2020, our Indonesian Instagram account @axisy.indonesia reached 100k followers with an average monthly growth rate of 30k which we were ecstatic about because it showed that our efforts to respond to the needs of our community paid off.”

What is next for AXIS-Y?

“We want to continue to be a brand that listens to the community to not only make effective products, but also one that brings value to the community. We’re looking forward to expanding our skincare line that is inclusive to all skin types and needs by incorporating our deep understanding of skincare technology while maintaining our identity as a climate inspired brand.”

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