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Indian PM Narendra Modi has said that his government is planning to hold elections in Jammu and Kashmir. He has told regional leaders in Delhi that the polls could be held after exercising the redrawing of the boundaries of the assembly seats.

This was the first meeting after the revoking of the special status in this region due to controversial decisions in 2019. The relations between Delhi and the Kashmir valley keep worsening with the passing years. Mr. Modi’s government imposed direct running in 2018 after the coalition of his party with the local party broke up.

The region was a state before it turned into a federally- administered territory in 2019. The local leaders have also told the PM to restore its statehood and to hold the elections.

Former chief minister Farooq Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti, Omar Abdullah, and other leaders were present in the meeting. The ministers are part of an alliance- the Jammu and Kashmir People’s Alliance for the Gupkar Declaration. It is also the conglomerate of the political parties. It is critical for the highly militarized role of Delhi in this valley. The alliance won the largest number of seats in the municipal elections last year.

Some of the leaders like Omar Abdullah have questioned the timing for this decision to redraw the boundaries for the assembly seats. It is delimitation. This is also having almost a similar number of voters. The exercise is about to take place across the country after 2026.

The leaders have also raised the revocation of Article 370, which rendered the special power to the state. The sudden loss in the special power of autonomy has met several protests in Kashmir.

Kashmir has always been a reason for concern for Delhi. The increasing militarisation is under implementation there. The security forces of India also have an accusation by the locals, which Delhi keeps denying.

After 2019’s decision, the BJP party has an accusation of using divisive rhetoric against the Muslims of this country. Delhi has also imposed a slew of administrative and demographic changes through this new set of laws.

Experts are saying that the Thursday meeting was an attempt to tackle the mounting tension and criticism against the PM. India and Pakistan both claim Kashmir in full control of it. The neighbors have fought for two wars over Kashmir. Most recently, a series of aerial attacks took place.

Credits: BBC

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