Kabul military hospital
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Two explosions along with gunfire have already rocked the Afghan capital Kabul. Such vandalizing acts took place at the site of a Kabul military hospital.

A spokesperson from the Taliban said that the first blast took place at the front of Sardar Daud Khan. The hospital had a capacity of 400 beds. The second explosion took place nearby.

The spokesperson has said that there is room for some casualties, but he hadn’t given n numbers. An eyewitness said that fighting took place at the ground of the Kabul military hospital.

There are some unconfirmed reports that say there are at least 15 people who got killed and wounded due to the explosion. Many photographs and video footage are surfacing from Kabul. The visuals show a plume of smoke over the area. There are also the sounds of gunfire present.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the blast. However, a news agency of Afghanistan has quoted an eyewitness saying that fighters from the Islamic State group have entered the hospital. After that, they simply clashed with the security forces.

A doctor told me that he had been sent to look for shelter in a secure room.

“I can still hear guns firing inside the hospital building. I think the attackers are going from room to room,” he said.

The Taliban has seized control from Afghanistan in August. The US had withdrawn its final troops from the country after a 20 years-long conflict.

A local affiliate from the IS group has launched sporadic attacks that have targeted civilians and the fighters from the Taliban.

A bombing of the group IS-K at the Kabul international airport has killed more than 150 civilians and 13 US force members.

They have targeted the hospital before; they have killed more than 30 people and wounded 50 others. Gunmen in the dressing of doctors have stormed the building. The Islamic State group has claimed this attack.

Credits: BBC

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