Kabul airport
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Kabul airport is recently witnessing the panic of the Afghans. The residents are trying to flee as the Taliban has seized the Afghan capital. Eyewitnesses are telling that at least three civilians have died due to the chaos at the airports. US troops secured it later. The country has suspended commercial flights. It is standing hundreds of Afghans and other foreign nationals.

The US and other countries are working on evacuating staff and allies. Taliban has declared its victory as Afghan president Ashraf Ghani fled abroad. His government has collapsed. The militants are returning to rule. It is bringing an end to 20 years of US-led coalition in this country.

Kabul was the last major city to hold against the Taliban offensive. It began months ago, which has made the Taliban gain control over their territories. The Islamist group has seized control as most foreign troops have pulled out.

After the seizure, many people have headed to Kabul airport. Evacuation of all the foreigners and some Afghans with links to the foreign governments are also taking place. But there are rumors also that passengers are fleeing without visas.

As the huge crowd gathered, US forces repeatedly fired into the air to disperse people. There are also reports that some have died due to stampedes. People are also clinging to the side of the plane as it begins to run on the runway.

Diplomats are facing evacuation while they are waiting with complete uncertainty.

The US has sent 6000 troops to assist the evacuation. It will help to airlift thousands of American citizens, vulnerable Afghan nationals, and thousands of locals and embassy staff with families.

Joe Biden defended the withdrawal of troops. He said that he could not justify the endless presence of America in the middle of another country. More than 60 countries have issued a joint statement. They have said that Afghans deserve safety, security, and dignity. These need to be restored as early as possible.

They also called on the Taliban to allow those who wished to depart and to keep roads and borders open. At least 600 troops are working to assist their withdrawal mission. UK PM Boris Johnson said that he is working on getting UK nationals. Russia said that it would not close its embassy as the Taliban has provided them security assurance.

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