One of America’s most popular political pundits, Sean Hannity of Fox News overnight shredded the first black / Asian-American woman to ever be offered the chance to become the nation’s vice-president, Kamala Harris.

Starting out “I think she [Harris] memorized her lines and delivered them quite well when she confronted, well, the ever-forgetful Joe, the corrupt Joe, about his work with segregationists and opposing integration and so much more,” Hannity said referring to a host of times Biden’s new running mate attacked the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate whilst herself making a bid for the nomination.

Official portrait of Vice President Joe Biden 

“Did you forget about that?” Hannity asked Harris. “Do you no longer care about this conduct? Did you evolve, as you say?”

The host of one of the most popular news opinion shows on U.S. TV then went one by one through a whole list of criticisms of Biden, made by his new running mate.

“What about Biden’s work with segregationists to slow school integration? Remember he worked with the former Klansman, the guy that actually filibustered the historic Civil Rights Act and didn’t support the Voting Rights Act,” Hannity said in reference to the controversial late Senator Robert Byrd, (D-W.Va.)

“And guess what? Your BFF partnered with the former Klansman because Joe Biden didn’t want his children to grow up in a racial jungle if his kids went to integrated schools,” he continued.

An avowed right wing pundit on a blatantly right wing channel, Hannity has, surprisingly perhaps, had his opinions echoed by some on the American left desperate to win back the White House, but not on a Biden-Harris ticket given the controversies stretching back decades surrounding the former VP, and a running mate many see as sleeping her way into some of the best political posts in Californian politics – thanks to a extra-marital relationship with the former mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown.

“Do you just no longer care that Biden was close to the former Klansman, praised the former Klansman, worked with the former Klansman on something like integration? … What about principle?” Hannity asked of the daughter of Jamaican-Indian parents.

“(Are) you that desperate in this case to be vice president of the United States?” Hannity asked.

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