TOKYO, Jan, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Photozou Holdings, Inc., the OTC market registered corporation under the ticker symbol of “PTZH”, and the holding company of Photozou Koukoku Co., Ltd. announced on January 19th, 2021 a business model called “Primavera Photo Session in Osaka” Japan to provide photo shooting models and locations for photographers as one of the new business models of Photozou Koukoku Co., Ltd..

Photozou which is one of the biggest photo sharing SNS platforms in Japan with approximately 700 million registered users, is entering a new business under “Primavera Photo Session in Osaka” connecting real photographers and models in major Japanese cities providing weekly photo shoot events in both outdoor and indoor studios starting from the city of Osaka, and its surrounding areas.

This additional service is one of the new phases of business expansion plans by the brand in a move away from an already renowned cyberspace oriented business model into the real world of photography.

“Primavera Photo Session in Osaka” with more than 20 auditioned and registered young models, most of whom are university students offers “kawaii” photo shoot experiences and monthly photo contests for both high-end semiprofessional and enthusiastic amateur photographers.

The new business model allows photographers to select and commission a model for an individual photo shooting sessions held at many picturesque locations in the city of Osaka, and nearby cities including Kobe and Kyoto where “kimono” (traditional Japanese clothing) is also available.

In the spring of 2021, the “Primavera Photo Session Tokyo” is also scheduled to start followed by similar in other major Japanese cities along with providing Japanese / English speaking translators, as Photozou starts to looking ahead to post-COVID-19 foreign tourism in order to accommodate international photographers returning to Japan. Photozou HD is also planning to duplicate and localize the same business model in other countries.

About Photozou – “Creating the Shared Value through the Photography”

“Photozou” was established in 2005, and it means a treasury of photography in Japanese. We believe in the dynamic power of pictures, and take a pride in safeguarding the treasures and the legacies within. Our goal is to become a pronominal photo sharing & storage SNS provider for both high-end semiprofessional and enthusiastic photographers in the world.

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