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Jake Ellzey, The Texas State Representative, has won the special election runoff in the 6th district of Texas. Ellzey is the successor of the late Congressman Ron Wright. He died in February due to COVID-19 complications.

Ellzey narrowly lost to Ron Wright in the previous election that took place in 2018 for the same seat. During this time, Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw and the former Texas Governor Rick Perry have endorsed him. Ellzey earned the win over Susan Wright, Wright’s widow. Former President Donald Trump endorsed her.

Jake Ellzey and Susan have been the top two vote-getters in late April. Hence they advanced for the runoff while locking out many of the Democratic candidates.

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott said that “Jake will be a strong and effective leader for the people of North Texas, and he will fight tirelessly for their values in Washington. I look forward to working alongside Jake as we keep Texas the greatest state in the nation.”

This is marking the first time for a Trump-endorsed candidate who has lost in an election. This loss is coming from a candidate who has played upon the ties quite aggressively with Mr. Trump.  The former president also held a tele-rally for Susan on Monday. Also, he has made a donation of $100000 in support of her before the election.

Club for Growth is a conservative group that is supporting Susan Wright. It has spent near $1 million for this race, and they have tried to paint Ellzey as the anti-Trump. They also tied him in an advertisement to the anti-trump Republican Bill Kristol.

“We had a successful little bout a couple of months ago, and Susan came out along with somebody else, and we did knock out the Democrat,” Mr. Trump said. “You have my total endorsement. I am so proud of it.”

Crenshaw, on the other hand, supported Ellzey, saying that he has always supported President Trump. According to him, they are saying he has taken donations from the never- Trumper.

Ellzey has been the top fundraiser throughout the primary and the runoff. His win is keeping the district in the Dallas Suburbs in the hands of Republicans. This district has been trending away further from the Republicans during the tenure of Mr. Trump. Mitt Romney won the seat with 17% during the 2012 run.  With the vacancy, the House of Republicans is now just 6 seats away from the majority. Both the parties now will move towards fulfilling their other vacancies in Ohio.

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