Iran has agreed to resume talks with six of the world powers before the end of November. It is thinking of reviving the 2015 nuclear deal that lifted sanctions on the Islamic Republic in return to curb its nuclear actions.

“Had a very serious & constructive dialogue with @enriquemora_ on the essential elements for successful negotiations. We agree to start negotiations before the end of November,” Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri Kani posted on Twitter following meetings with EU officials in Brussels.

A deal is still a long way off, as per the warnings of the expert. The announcement has come amid the rising tensions between Iran and the We. Tehran has ramped up with its violation of nuclear activities. The government of Iran is insisting that the developments are for peaceful purposes. However, the watchdog of US atomic energy Asia said that Iran would have enough material to build up a nuclear bomb within a few months.

Talks have resumed, and Joe Biden has stalled after the June election of hardline and the anti-Western cleric Ebrahim Raisi. Some are seeing it as a delaying tactic to project much staunch function further.

“I don’t expect an agreement anytime soon because the Iranian delaying tactics and messaging coming from Tehran and the new administration indicate that they are intending to take a hard line and a tougher negotiating position,” said Sanam Vakil, deputy head of the Middle East North Africa program at the Chatham House.

Vakil has noted that Kani has refused to meet up with E3, the foreign ministers of the UK, Germany, France. It suggests that he is trying to put divisions along with the delaying tactics. He expects that the negotiations may take several months. They need to prepare for the negotiations that might not see any final resumption for the deal.

Eurasia Group believes that a revival of the nuclear agreement of Iran is a rapid build-up, and the maximalist demands will offer irrelevance to the 2015 agreement. Iran’s continuous intransigence and nuclear program acceleration are making things difficult for the negotiators to service the agreement.

Tehran insists that its motion can be reserved if the US agrees to lift sanctions. Biden says that he is ready to return to a more negotiable table. But it will lift the sanctions if Iran agrees to reverse its breach.

Credits: CNBC

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