A Rwandan born church volunteer in the western French city of Nantes has been rearrested on suspicion of causing a blaze in the city’s cathedral – just days after being released following an earlier arrest.

The man, who has still not been named has now reportedly admitted starting the fire.

Aged 39, it is understood he is a refugee from the central African nation of Rwanda who had been working as a volunteer warden at the site, and along with his admission now comes an admission that he “bitterly regrets” what he did according to his legal representative.

C: GO69

In his role as a church warden, the man was often left to lock up the Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul cathedral – including on the night of the fire just over a week ago.

Whilst the blaze did not entirely destroy the structure it is know to have reduced to ashes a 400 year old organ whilst breaking ancient stained glass windows.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Quentin Chabert, representing the suspected arsonist, now says his client was regretting his actions and also that he had “cooperated” with investigators.

On the evening of July 18th, around 100 of the ancient city’s firemen were called out to tackle the blaze in a bit to stop the fire from causing damage similar to that seen in Paris at the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in 2019 – a fire that made headlines around the world.

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