IAEA chief
IAEA chief

We know that there are news all over the world like the war in Russia and Ukraine as well as tensions in Iran and other parts of the world. However, there is a report from Japan between all this that is equally concerning as well and we believe not enough coverage is being done about this issue. As per the report from Japan, and we have already covered it earlier this week as well, the country has decided to release the nuclear radioactive water from its Fukushima plant into the Pacific ocean and have laid out the entire plan to do so.

Now, the problem here is that this water, even after being treated to the best possible way, is still radioactive and it means that the water is contaminated and it will not be safe for the ocean life as well as anyone that comes into contact will be exposed to it as well. Japan’s Government says that it plans to release the water over a period of decades which they say is safe and does not affect anyone. However, discharge is discharge and whether it be slow or fast, it is still quite harmful for everyone.

Japan says that they have received approval from IAEA as well and we do have a problem with this one. Since the war between USA and Japan, the US is almost behaving as if Japan is a part of their territory which is the reason why you would never see US and Japan exchanging any statements opposing each other since that Hiroshima and Nagasaki incident. Due to that reason, and also since the IAEA has given them approval, Japan looks set to release the water.

IAEA chief also said in a statement that “We have been looking at this basic policy for more than two years. We have been assessing it against … the most stringent standards that exist,” and added that “we are quite certain of what we are saying, and the scheme we have proposed.” However, China has already banned imports from ten Japanese prefectures, including one from Fukushima, and also strengthened their monitoring process for “radioactive substances, to ensure the safety of Japanese food imports to China.”

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