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Nearly 2000 people have left their homes as the wildfire broke out into the Southern Spanish region of Andalusia. This deadly fire has killed one emergency worker in the blaze. It began on Wednesday on high grounds above the popular town of Estepona or Costa del Sol.

The Spanish government has opted for the deployment of a military unit. The military units will also help the firefighters in the mountainous region to speed up the rescue mission from wildfire.

They evacuated six more towns and villages on Sunday. However, a huge plume of smoke is noticeable from miles away.

Residents from five other communities have received the alert to leave their homes on Friday. The wildfires have also burned around 7400 hectares.

The regional forest fire agency of Andalusia said that hundreds of firefighters are tackling this blaze. They are getting support from 41 aircraft and 25 vehicles. Juan Sanchez, a senior official from the regional fire services, planned this fire as the “most complex” one he has ever seen in recent times.

He said that discussions are going on about the consequences of climate change. the further added that “today we are living them.”

“This is inhuman; nothing like this has ever been seen,” one evacuee, Adriana Iacob, told Reuters news agency. “The flames of the fire as they ran through the mountains, it was amazing.”

A resident Pepa Rubio said since the fire started breaking out, they haven’t slept. It is simply an awful situation. Similarly, Europe has seen a large number of wildfires this summer. Climate change is increasing the risk of hot and dry weather. This kind of weather is fueling the wildfires.

The world has already had a heightened temperature of about 1.2C since the beginning of the industrial era. The temperature will continue to rise unless governments and authorities around the world take steps to cut emissions.

Credits: BBC

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