According to the Taiwan’s National Immigration Agency, year on year, 2020 has seen migration to Taiwan from Hong Kong show a huge increase, with residence permit cases jumping from 1464 to 3161, even with the COVID-19 pandemic causing a massive slowdown in the international movement of people.

Investment migration to exceed threshold

And, with Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs having increased the financial investment threshold for potential migrants since March due to the potential migration boom, there is now a need to employ at least two local Taiwanese employees each year.

One Hong Kongese cafe owner, Janice, who moved to Taiwan’s second largest city, Taichung last year, said the changed policy is understandable on account of the gradually increasing demand for migration possibilities.

Yellow Economy flourishing beyond Hong Kong

‘’Before, we worried about stability, making a fortune and earning a living. After the introduction of the extradition law, what the Hong Kong government did is now challenging the conscience of Hong Kongese. Opening a ‘yellow shop‘ is a way to show support for the movement.’’ said Janice.

Another Hong Kongese migrant, Franco Lee, who runs an ice shop business added, ‘’Building the yellow economic circle, which classifies businesses based on their attitude towards the ongoing protest, distinguishes those shops maintaining the same beliefs as their customers.’’

Remove the tourist filter, fit in, conform

‘’Hong Kongese see the law as more important than reason and emotion, while for Taiwanese, emotion is the (most important thing). ’’Franco observed.

‘’Hong Kongese should embrace the beautiful scenery in Taiwan and the warmth, (of the people)’’ Janice continued.

But ‘’What Taiwan lacks is an international environment, especially in its civil servants (who) need training to be more proficient in English.’’

‘’Hong Kong could assist Taiwan as we’re already a key financial hub in Asia. Some Taiwanese think that we come for shelter, house flipping and the healthcare systems, (but) that’s not my intention. As a migrant, I want to set an example’’ Janice goes on to say, challenging commonly heard claims by Taiwanese about those Hong Kongese making the move.

‘’If Hong Kongese decide to settle down (outside Hong Kong), do so in Taiwan” Franco suggested.

Conform, “(Do) as the Taiwanese do’’ he added.

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