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A German Muslim woman who joined the Islamic State group in Iraq is facing jail for 10 years in Munich. She is facing charges for killing a Yazidi girl whom she and her husband bought as a slave.

The Muslim woman, Jennifer Wenisch, is facing judgment for an accomplice with the war crime. She got support from her husband and has let the 5-year-old die of thirst. They have also chained the girl outside in the blazing sun.

The husband of Wenisch, an Iraqi Jihadist, is facing a trial in Frankfurt. The girl died in Fallujah in 2015. Wenisch, a 30 years old woman, has denied all the charges. However, the lawyer of the woman said that the mother of the child Nora was an unreliable witness. They also say that there was no evidence that the IS enslaved the girl along with others in Yazidi.

The verdict about the husband, Taha al- Jumailly, will surface next month. It is also one of the very first cases of IS crime against the community of Yazidi, which is going for a trial. The Yazidi is a Kurdish group from northern Iraq. The IS have targeted them for brutality.

Wenisch has stood for trial in Germany due to the legal principle of universal jurisdiction. It gives allowance for the prosecution for the war crimes purposes like genocide that occurs from overseas.

Then further extradited to Germany. Wenisch has allegedly served as an IS. She was there in an anti-vice squad. The squad has also enforced strict rules of the Islams in Mosul and Fallujah.

Amal Clooney, a London-based human rights lawyer, took part in the legal team representing the mother of the girl. In 2014, the IS fighters stormed the ancestral place of Yazidi people in northern Iraq. They have also seized thousands of women and children to keep them as slaves.

Credits: BBC

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