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Fresh tensions are arising between Britain and France over the fishing rights after Brexit. In its latest round of applications, the UK has granted only 12 licenses from 47 bids for smaller vessels. They can fish in its territorial waters.

Sea minister of France Annick Girardin reportedly said that the British must not take fresh fishing hostage for political ends.

The UK further said that it would consider any evidence to support its remaining bids. Overall, the UK has already granted 117 EU licenses for all its inshore territorial waters. Almost 1700 EU vessels have obtained licenses to fish in the water of the UK.

Ms. Girardin has said, “It is a new refusal of the British to apply the conditions of the Brexit accord despite all the work undertaken together.

“I have only one watchword; to obtain definitive licenses for our fishermen as the accord foresees.”

A spokesperson for the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said that the approach of the UK was reasonable. Also, it was fully in line with their commitments in the Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

“As regards the 6-12nm zone, as set out in the TCA, EU vessels must provide evidence of a track record of fishing activity in those waters,” he added.

In May, two of the Royal Navy ships visited the patrol area after French Fishermen staged a protest outside the port of St. Helier.

The fishermen companies opted for a protest due to their fishing rights prevention. They are facing problems operating in British waters due to difficulties in obtaining a license.

Under an agreement with the EU, French boat operators need to show a history of fishing in the area. It will help them to receive a license for the waters of Jersey. But he claimed additional requirements that it added without notice.

The row has led Ms. Girardin to threaten to cut off the electricity supply in Jersey. Also, 95% of the electricity gets delivered from the three underwater cables from France.

Credits: BBC

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