Paris attacks

A historic trial has started taking place in France over the Paris attacks in 2015. It has left 130 people dead. The shooting and bombing that took place in the leadership of the IS group have emerged as the worst Post World War Two atrocity in France.

The only surviving attacker is Salah Abdeslam, who is in court with 13 other defendants. However, this trial is one of the biggest in the Modern history of France. Over the next 9 months, it will cover 140 days of the hearing. It will also involve 330 lawyers, with 180 survivors and relatives of dead persons. It will include 300 witnesses, including former French president Francois Hollande.

Ahead of this trial, Mr. Hollande said that it was a very important moment for the victims of the Paris attacks. It was an “act of war” at that time. IS also admitted that it was carrying out attacks on the Bataclan concert hall, restaurant, bars, and major stadium on 13th Nov 2015.

A father who has lost his son said he has mixed feelings for this trial. Philippe Duperrion said that,

One survivor, Jerome Barthelemy, said he wants to know how other victims coped up with the trauma of that attack. But he didn’t expect the accused to say a word. Of 20 suspects on trial, 6 have been tried in absentia. They are also facing charges of murder, terrorist conspiracy, and complicity. They will receive a lifelong sentence in jail if found guilty.

Abdeslam allegedly supplied logistical support to the assailants. He fled the scene after abandoning his defective suicide belt. He has refused to cooperate with French investigators. Also, he is remaining silent throughout a separate trial in Belgium.

He and other suspects had arrived at court in a police vehicle under heavy guard. Police blocked the area before the trial took place. Those attending trial need to pass through several checkpoints before they enter the specially built courtroom.

The trial will be recorded for future archives. Survivors and relatives of victims will also be able to follow through streaming radio if they fail to attend. Abdeslam is the only surviving member of this attack. He has been in jail since 2016. The 13 other defendants are appearing in the trial about the attack.

Credits: BBC

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