Former Australian PM

Current Australian PM Albanese accused Former Australian PM Morrison of managing five roles in the ministry.

Mr. Morrison is under pressure to resign as an MP. It is because of the accusations hurled at him. However, he defended his actions owing to the Pandemic. As per his comments, he acted in good faith in a crisis.

Mr. Albanese said that the former Australian PM managed the ministry of health, finance, treasury, home affairs, and resources.

Mr. Albanese received this data from the Department of PM and cabinet. This happened two years before the former Australian PM lost power in May.

Mr. Albanese accused him of undermining the checks and balances essential for a democracy. Mr. Albanese also expressed his disbelief about the appointment’s secret.

Many ministers shared their portfolios with Mr. Morrison. They were also completely unaware of Mr. Morrison’s joint portfolios.

Former Australian PM explained his conduct through a Facebook post. He also wanted to ensure that the government keeps operating as per his post.

He mentioned that there were chances of ministers getting covid. However, he didn’t want the functionality of the government to stop because of Covid.

The former Australian PM appeared confused about his stance. He accepted his mistake. But later justified why he took the resources portfolio. Then, he clarified that he did everything in the national interest.

How Mr. Morrison was able to take hold of these portfolios is still a looming question. Who gave him the powers? How did he manage the immense pressure? Why were other ministers kept in the dark about this takeover?

These questions have left the Australian public in a state of commotion. Mr. Albanese said that the implications of such an event are mysterious. However, they are being worked through.

The Morrison government also kept transparency behind the curtains. Mr. Morrison managed almost to disrupt the government’s infrastructure. Mr. Alabanese will also reportedly receive legal advice from Australia’s Solicitor General.

Credits: BBC

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