Flash flood
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At least nine people have died, and the flash flood and tornado hit the north-eastern US. Some people got trapped in their flooded basements. One body has been found in a vehicle since it was swept away.

The governor of New York and New Jersey declared a state of emergency. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has called this a historic weather event. 3 inches of rain fell in just one hour in the Central Park of New York.

Almost all the subway lines have closed. The government has banned all the non -emergency vehicles from roads. Many flights and trains are suspended. The mayor of the city of Passaic from New Jersey, Hector Lora, said rescuers recovered a body from a vehicle that swept away due to the flash flood.

One more person died in New Jersey. AFP and NBC reported that seven people have died in New York. There was a two-year-old boy among the victims. The footage is also surfacing on social media.

A resident of New York, George Bailey, said that “Right in the middle of dinner I hear gurgling, and the water’s coming up out of the shower drain in our bathroom.

“I went to check the main water line in the utility room, and by the time I walked back into the living room, there was nearly a foot of water. It was incredible how fast it came through.”

The US National Weather Service came up with the declaration for flood emergencies in Brooklyn, New York City, Queens, and some parts of Long Island. It has also issued a tornado warning for various parts of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

The tropical storm Ida caused these extreme weather conditions. It has caused widespread devastation in southern Louisiana. Many factors are contributing to Thai flooding. But a warming atmosphere is the main reason behind it. The world is already facing a rise in temperature since the beginning of the industrial era. This Hurricane is pushing to the north across the east of the nation. It has also hit Louisiana as a category 4 hurricane. Thousands of homes in Louisiana are remaining without power.

Two people have died due to a collapse in Mississippi motorways. Two others died in Louisiana. Two electrical workers have died in Alabama. It has also destroyed some small towns in Louisiana.

400 people have chosen to stay in the town ahead of the storm. Dozens of others need rescue from statics and rooftops.

Credits: BBC

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