The situation of covid is about to get worse before it gets better with the cases which are rising dramatically. The medical leaders are warning about it. The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges said that people should remain cautious. They must take measures like wearing face covers in crowded indoor spaces.

It has also warned that the NHS is under unprecedented pressure. On Monday, the government will probably confirm whether the measure easing in England will go ahead on 19th July or not. The UK is experiencing a large increase in cases, according to the Office for National Statistics. Health Secretary Sajid Javid said that he is expecting the numbers to increase up to 50000 cases a day.

On Friday, the new government figures showed an increase of 35707 covid cases in the UK. It is the highest figure since the 22nd January.

Prof Helen Stokes- Lampard, the chairwoman of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, said the academy was ” cautious about issuing dire warnings.” But she has become very concerned over the last couple of weeks about the idea of restriction removal.

She said, “There seems to be a misapprehension that life will return to normal from then and that we can throw away all the precautions and, frankly, that would be dangerous.”

In a statement, the academy said it was essential for people to take a responsible approach after restrictions lifting. The academy said there are reports of routine care which is getting postponed due to the mounting pressure on healthcare professionals.

The growth of long Covid and the backlog of elective work took place during the crisis. It will get worse in the winter of July.

But we can control it while learning from living with covid.  A few hospitals in Uk have announced the non-urgent surgery postponed due to rising admissions of covid.  The medical leaders are suggesting that this will become more widespread, and things in the NHS will get worse.

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges says that we will feel this impact of covid for many months from now.

Credits: BBC

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