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The world records the loss of European Parliament President David Sassoli. The president was sick and admitted to the hospital last month. There was a serious problem in his immune system.

Robert Cuillo tweeted the demise of the president in the early hours of Tuesday, 11th Jan in a hospital in Aviano, Italy. The health of the President was not in good shape from last year. There were problems in his immune system.

President Sassoli suffered from Pneumonia last September. He informed his recovery on social media. He also suffered from relapse while recovering from Pneumonia caused by legionella.

Italian media reports that he was able to resume his duty in November. But again hospitalized on 26 December 2021.

The president informed the Italian outlet Corriere of his health and stated, “Pneumonia is an ugly beast, the important thing is to avoid relapses, and the convalescence must be adequate.”

In view of David Sassoli’s bad health, the party voted for his replacement. The President duly accepted it.

David Sassoli became president in July 2019. He was the second Italian president. He also became the president of the 705-seat European. His job involved chairing and taking care of parliament activities.

He beat three political contenders to win the President’s position. In his presidential speech, he also encouraged the EU to return to the spirit of founding fathers who practiced nationalism for peace and equality.

David Sassoli had a three-decade career in journalism. He became the MEP of the centre-left Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in 2009.

Many people paid tribute to Mr Sassoli. MEP Ismail Ertug called it a big shock and a big loss. He is deeply saddened by the loss of a world leader.

The EU Council President Ursula von der Leyen tweets his condolences. He also said, ” We already miss his human warmth, his generosity, his friendliness, and his smile.

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