EU rulers have instructed Russia that steps against Ukraine will cause severe costs and big consequences. It will cause these amid concerns over the build-up of Russian troops on the Ukrainian boundary. The statement, which came after the previous European Council conference, also cited probable restrictive measures.

But they haven’t released any details. Nonetheless, the bloc also motivated more discretion with Moscow. The Kremlin refuses to attack. Western intelligence assistance believes up to 100,000 Russian armies crowded near Ukraine’s boundaries. Ukrainian governments have asserted Moscow intends a military offensive.

Even so, US administrators say it is yet unclear whether Putin has made a judgment. Any additional military invasion against Ukraine will have severe costs and massive consequences in response. It includes restrictive regulations coordinated with supporters, EU rulers noted in an announcement.

After the conference, Ursula von der Leyen, the general of the European Commission, said the bloc was willing to assess extra sanctions. The EU’s new regulations were in response to the invasion of the Crimean peninsula. It is yet uncertain what the threatened authorizations package may comprise. A probable target is Nord Stream 2, a fresh gas channel from Russia to Germany not yet in process.

As per reports, there is no connection between Russia and the Swift international financial payment operation. The administrators also conveyed their backing for the return of a four-way discussion between Moscow, Kyiv, Berlin, and Paris. Ukraine, which is not a unit of the Nato or EU, shares boundaries with both Russia and the EU. Because of the border, it has cultural ties and is deeply social.

Russia prefers legally binding assurances against the deployment of weapons and eastward Nato expansion. Nato also noted that its actions are guarding and that no nation can defeat Ukraine’s expectations of enlisting the alliance. Russia has denounced Ukraine as an inspiration. Putin said that the procedure of Russian-speakers in eastern Ukraine looked like racial killing.

Credits: BBC

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