Hungary blocks EU aid for Ukraine
Hungary blocks EU aid for Ukraine

You must be aware that the real reason behind the war-like situation between Russia and Ukraine is because of the fact that Ukraine wants to join the EU which is a union of all the European countries excluding the UK which left the membership a few years ago which was also termed the “Brexit”. Since Ukraine is right next door to the EU, it wants to join the bloc in order to have protection from Russia which claims it as its own territory and have been fighting the war since last 1 year and more.

Talking about the matter of joining EU, it is worth noting that the bloc has opened talks with Ukraine in order to add the country to EU and it is also worth noting that a proposal of $52 billion aid to Ukraine was also proposed. However, it has been noted that the aid proposal was blocked by Hungary due to some unknown reason and all others agreed to this proposal. A report adds that “Charles Michel, the president of the European Council, said that all but one of the E.U.’s 27 countries backed the package of 50 billion euros, about $52 billion, in financial support for Ukraine”.

NYTimes reports that “Mr. Orban, Hungary’s President, who in the past has delayed some E.U. sanctions against Russia and is seen as President Vladimir V. Putin’s closest ally in the bloc, had said on Thursday that the aid should be extended only after Europe-wide elections planned for the summer”. In response to the news, Ukraine President Zelensky wrote that “This is a victory for Ukraine. A victory for all of Europe. A victory that motivates, inspires and strengthens,”.

However, it is worth noting that Ukraine seems to have been cornered and is nearing defeat because of the fact that the US is not completely behind the country anymore and the Russian side are attacking it even more. Hungary’s President had already made his intentions clear as he stated that “he planned to veto an official opening of the accession talks, arguing that Ukraine was not ready and that its entry would be bad for the bloc, and for Hungary”.

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