Dutch police declare that they have imprisoned a covid-quarantine couple who fled from a Corona quarantine lodge. The detentions happened on an aircraft in Amsterdam’s Schiphol airfield just before it departed on Sunday to Spain. They later handed over the Portuguese woman and the Spanish man to the nation’s health service. It comes after 13 individuals who reached Amsterdam from South Africa. They reached on two flights last week and tested corona positive for the new Covid-19 variant.

They are among 61 people who tested corona positive. As per reports, whether the arrested duo was among those passengers. Regional media are publishing that they managed to escape a quarantine lodging in the north-western Kennemerland region. The tourists from South Africa are now in self-isolation. As per De Telegraaf newspaper, the getaway could be charged for disobeying Dutch covid-quarantine regulations.

An extended covid partial lockdown started across the Netherlands on Sunday morning. It concerns the recent variant of coronavirus. Governments restricted shops, restaurants, and bars whose opening times for many weeks. It is necessary to shut earlier than before.

Also, there is an extent to the number of visitors permitted in residences. The government is also encouraging individuals to work from home where possible. However, universities, schools, and nurseries across the nation remain open.

Thousands of individuals rebelled after the government announced the measures earlier this month. There were nearly 20,000 confirmed corona-related casualties in the Netherlands since the pandemic began.

Data proves the nation has listed 1,124 casualties per million of its people. This is one of the lowest volumes in western Europe. South Africa reported the new variant to the World Health Organization (WHO). South Africa reported this on Wednesday, and early data implies it has an increased re-infection chance. Who classified the new variant as a “variant of concern”.

Credits: BBC

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