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Colombian President Ivan Duque says that he is sending the military to restore order in the city of Cali. The step is coming forward after weeks of the deadly Colombia protest, which was anti-government. Four people died in Cali on the night. The latest casualty in this month of protest has claimed at least dozens of lives. The protest started in April due to a proposed increase in the tax.

The tax plan is not anymore valid. However, the protest has expanded. It is also covering police violence, health crisis, and poverty in Colombia. There are two weeks of negotiations between the protestors and the government.

Cali has become the epicenter of the protestant movements. It has been under curfew since Saturday morning.

Speaking at a news conference in Cali, the president, Mr. Duque, said that he was taking action. He has sent the “maximum deployment of solitary assistance” to the police.

He further added, “This deployment will almost triple our capacity in less than 24 hours throughout the state, ensuring assistance as well at critical points, where we have seen acts of vandalism, violence, and low-intensity urban terrorism.”

The attorney general on this matter said those who died on Friday were his agents. Reports from Cali are saying that the man participated in opening fire on the protestors. As a consequence, they attacked him.

The demonstrations started on 28th April and were in opposition to the proposed reform for tax having new movements. It would have lowered the threshold for the way of taxing salaries.

The Government is arguing that the reform was the key to mitigating the economic difficulties. However, the middle-class Colombians have the fear that they would delve into more poverty as a result.

After four days of this protest in the country, President Duque said that he would withdraw the legislation in the draft form. However, the human rights groups are accusing the police of using tear gas.

Also, in some cases, they have used live ammunition for dispersing the Colombia Protest. Dozens of people have died due to this. On Friday, Colombians marked one month of the beginning of this protest with the march across the country.

Credits: BBC

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