C: 圖說三:台灣印度齊聚一堂共賀排燈節(二)

On the evening of November 13th in Taipei, Foreign Minister Jospeh Wu attended the 2020 “Indian Lantern Festival Gala” organized jointly by the Taipei Indian Music and Cultural Center, and the “Indians in Taiwan” community to mark the famous Diwali Festival celebrated by over a billion Indians, predominantly of the Hindu faith, around the world.

The Minister together with President Gourangalal Das of the Indian Taipei Association, the President of the Taiwan Indian Parliamentarians Friendship Association of the Legislative Yuan, the President of the Association of Indian Overseas Chinese in Taipei City, and Mr. Prakash, Deputy Director of the Taiwan Branch of the Investment Bureau of the Ministry of Industry of Tamil Nadu State, as well as other dignitaries laid flowers and prayed to mark the celebration of one of India’s most important annual observances.

In all around 200 attendees gathered from a range of government, business and private sectors and in the spirit of Diwali the mood was about driving away darkness and ushering in the light.

The gathering saw entertainment include classical as well as more contemporary Bollywood style dance performances, Indian music and a range of other cultural activities take place.

At a time Taiwan – India relations have been the focal point of so much global attention of late with Chinese territorial ambitions in the Taiwan Strait and on the northern border of India in the Himalayan region drawing the nations closer together, Minister Wu thanked all attendees for their efforts as Taiwan continues to welcome Indian nationals to Taiwan.

Minister Wu also thanked his own Ministry of Foreign Affairs for supporting the unique cultural exchange activities between Taiwan and India, especially in the face of said threats by China.

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