Garowe (PP News Desk) — People in Jiingadaha camp for internally displaced persons in Garowe, Somalia, are bearing the brunt of the economic hardships caused by the depreciation of the Somali shilling.

Water wells that supplied water for the camp closed shortly after businesses refused to accept the Somali shilling for transactions. “We are forced to use unclean water that companies have disposed of. Water pumps in the camp are no longer working. Water wells do no accept the Somali shilling , and had to close” one of the camp residents told Puntland Post.

Children of IDPs collecting unclean water from a wastewater expanse near Jiingadaha camp in Garowe.

Water well operators near Jiingadaha camp decided to stop selling water to customers who pay with the Somali shilling.

“They will not be able to pay their staff if they let customers pay in Somali shillings. That’s why water wells are temporarily closed. It is IDPs who suffer as a result of the closure” said a former NGO worker in Garowe.

Abdullahi Mohammed: “Children are worst affected by the economic hardships in Puntland.”

Abdullahi Mohammed, owner of a grocery store in the camp said “children are worst affected by businesses’ decision not to use the Somali shilling. I urge Puntland State Government to deal with this problem”.

Addey Abdulkadir is a mother of children and the owner a tea shop in the camp. “My business has gone bust. I cannot sell tea or rice to customers. A cup of tea costs 5000 shillings. I am unable to give change to a customer with US $1. 50. We would like to use both the Somali shilling and the dollar to serve our customers” said Addey.

Addeey Abdulkadir: “My business has gone bust because not all customers use the dollar.”

Another resident of the camp says utility companies had refused him to pay his bills in Somali shilling.

The committee appointed by the Puntland Government to recommend solutions to the currency depreciation urged businesses and authorities to cooperate on keeping the Somali shilling as a legal tender alongside the dollar.

This article first appeared in the © Puntland Post, 2021 and is republished with permission
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