Sydney lockdown

People are to face another week of Sydney lockdown as it is fighting to contain an outbreak of corona. The New South Wales government has said that it has made a difficult decision. It is battling the highly transmissible strain of Delta. A stay at the home order has been issued on 26 this June.

The country has recorded 910 deaths and fewer than 31000 cases since the beginning of the pandemic. The clusters have emerged as some people found infected later. They left their home for the essentials. The outbreak of nearly 330 cases is the worst scenario in this city this year.

A stay-at-home order has been issued with this second phase of Sydney lockdown. It covers more than five million of the residents in the Greater Sydney, Wollongong, and Central Coast areas. The government planned to lift the lockdown on Friday. It extended up to the 16th of July. The schools will not open until next week.

The New South Wales government has said that it has recognized the pain and stress which this lockdown is causing to families and businesses.

The officials have said that the daily case rate recorded 27 new cases on Wednesday. The low level of vaccination is making these restrictions extend.

Less than 10% of Australians have the full vaccination. The lack of supplies is the reason. Specifically, the lack of the Pfizer vaccine is causing the Australians not to get a jab until the final months of this year.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said, “What we want to do is give us our best chance of making sure this is the only lockdown we have until the vast majority of our citizens are vaccinated.”

They do not want to be in a situation where they constantly have to move between the lockdown and no lockdown.

The cases have also spread throughout the country. The leaks of the virus from the hotel quarantine last week have imposed snap lockdowns in the capital cities of this state. It includes Darwin, Brisbane, and Perth, where half of the population has been affected by the virus.

The authorities of those cities have been able to contain the virus and ended the lockdowns last week. Australia has used lockdown and contact tracing to combat the outbreak of the virus as it has breached the strict border defenses in the nation.

Credits: BBC

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