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SINGAPORE, May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Group-IB, a global threat hunting and adversary-centric cyber intelligence company that specializes in investigating and preventing hi-tech cybercrimes, is pleased to announce it has formed an intelligence sharing relationship with Operational Technology Information Sharing and Analysis Center (OT-ISAC), a threat information sharing hub for critical infrastructure entities in APAC that aids member companies in preventing or quickly mitigating cyber risks by exchanging details of OT and IT threats and attacks.

Group-IB focuses on research and prevention of advanced threats by persistent cybercriminals and has engaged with OT-ISAC to help enhance the resilience of Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) and companies using Operational Technology in Asia Pacific. Through this partnership OT-ISAC threat analysts and member organizations will receive regular threat intelligence data obtained by Group-IB in cybercrime research and investigations worldwide to advance threat information sharing and cybersecurity maturity.

Group-IB and OT-ISAC will notify each other of critical cyber incidents, in particular impacting CII, and may also collaborate on joint projects of interest to operational technology-using sectors.

“Group-IB brings exceptional cybersecurity talent to this partnership and we are pleased to be able to leverage their expertise to help enhance the security of our members,” said John Lee, OT-ISAC Managing Director. “Our community of members is committed to strengthening the continuity and security of CII owners and operators in greater Asia Pacific, and Group-IB threat information will greatly assist in that mission.”

“Group-IB is proud to make its contribution to OT-ISAC’s intelligence sharing community in a bid to further increase the merit of this data exchange for the organization’s members,” commented Group-IB Head of Sales and Global Development in APAC Shafique Dawood.  “OT-ISAC has been playing a key role in encouraging more cooperation and collaboration among cybersecurity researchers leading its members to greater cyber stability. It’s a big honor for us to be a part of this data sharing hub. Together with OT-ISAC we plan to conduct joint research into OT and IoT technologies to strengthen their cyber resilience with the ultimate goal of making our world a safer place to live in.”

Сyber weapons are being increasingly used for sabotage activities against OT networks by cybercriminals who most frequently attack OT network segments by compromising the IT network segment.

Group-IB’s team of engineers believes that detection systems and algorithms have to be adversary-aware; this means that alerts have to come with either clear technical justification or full intelligence context on a given threat: who the attackers are, what their motivation is, what their tactic is, and what IOCs and TTPs are expected to be used in further attacks.

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