COVID-19 linked deaths in the U.S. have now surpassed 150,000.

And at time of typing, just hours after reaching the tragic milestone that number has just now reached 153,848.

Almost 4.6 million Americans have now been infected by the virus, two million more than Brazil – the second worst hit country on the coronavirus infection ranking table.

As the worst affected nation on earth, the USA remains a nation torn over whether or not to properly employ social distancing methods, and even whether or not to enforce nationwide and proper mask wearing.

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

Only recently did President Donald Trump somewhat begrudgingly admit masks should be worn as the nation attempts to reduce the numbers being infected by the virus, but just last week one of the president’s own national security advisers, Robert O’Brien, was found to have been infected.

Yet at a time lockdowns and distancing measures have proven effective in other nations, Donald Trump chose to head to Texas, one of America’s worst affected states, stopping off at an oil rig facility along the way.

Perhaps indicative of the problems the president now faces, was the absence from the flight to Texas of Louie Gohmert – the Republican Representative for the state.

A long time opponent of mask wearing himself, Gohmert is reported as having tested positive for COVID-19 on a pre-flight virus screening test.

Whether or not he met the president at, or prior to the screening, is unknown at this time.

Louie Gohmert

And as if set on compounding his own problems, whilst providing ammunition to the left wing media who called his trip a “distraction mission”, the president was met in the Lone Star State by former White House doctor, Ronny Jackson, himself being deemed a “Trump-style congressional candidate” by the same anti-Trump media – himself seen heading to meet the president … without a mask

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