CNN’s Saved by the Future meets the innovators transforming the healthcare industry

HONG KONG, May 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In the latest episode of CNN’s ‘Saved by the Future’, host Nicki Shields meets the doctors, innovators and engineers working to develop the next generation of healthcare technology.

CNN’s Saved by the Future meets the innovators transforming the healthcare industry
CNN’s Saved by the Future meets the innovators transforming the healthcare industry

CNN first meets Dr. Nadine Hachach-Haram — founder of London-based Proximie, a start-up which has developed augmented reality for use in surgeries. The software connects two surgeons anywhere in the world.

It uses augmented reality to layer crucial data on top of a video livestream, thus allowing a specialist surgeon to guide another surgeon on the ground, with expert precision. A surgeon herself, Hachach-Haram developed this technology in an effort to build a global, virtual operating room of the future.

Next, we explore how scientists are experimenting with new applications of electricity in healthcare.

CNN speaks to Kris Famm, President of Galvani Bioelectronics, a company that is working to develop tiny implantable devices — called “electroceuticals” — which may have the potential to cure chronic illnesses. Famm explains how the device could use the human body’s existing nervous system roadmap, following pathways that target specific organs and potentially unlocking a new type of treatment for future generations.

Finally, CNN speaks to Dr. Julielynn Wong, a Toronto-based physician with a passion for borderless health technology. Wong is the founder of 3D4MD, a start-up that is amplifying the use of 3D printing in healthcare, and also a trained drone pilot.

Her company has successfully 3D printed medical supplies, including reusable face shields during the current global pandemic, and also designed a finger splint to be printed on board the International Space Station.

Drones, she says, also have a promising future – with advances in artificial intelligence and autonomous flight as key factors building towards their possibilities in the healthcare of tomorrow.

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