Taiwan China war
Taiwan China war

While the world is talking about the recent incidents in Turkey and Syria, in which earthquakes have made a devastating presence, something else is also being discussed. This is the Chinese balloon that was spotted over the US airspace, and now we know that the US President ordered it to be taken down, so they did. It is worth noting that similar incidents have taken place after the first balloon was spotted, and people are even claiming that not all these balloons belong to China. Some of them might be unidentified flying objects or UFOs as well. With this, the talk of aliens has reignited, and US officials are trying not to let these talks get out of hand.

On the other hand, Taiwan has now come forward after the incidents in the US and claimed that Chinese balloons are also seen “very frequently” in their airspace. Taiwan says that they have seen dozens of balloons that belong to China over their airspace in recent times, and that could only mean one thing, which is an invasion of Taiwan by the Chinese. A senior Taiwanese official said, “They come very frequently, the last one just a few weeks ago,” regarding balloons seen over its airspace.

Taiwan says that the balloons that enter its airspace from China are usually flying at much lower altitudes than what was seen in the US, which tells you that China believes Taiwan cannot harm them, and if they do, it could be seen as an escalation. On the other hand, Taiwan says that if international laws are to be enacted, then these Chinese balloons can’t be allowed to cross other countries’ airspace without prior approval.

One Taiwanese official added, “Some of the balloons are fielded by the PLA Air Force and some by the Rocket Force,” giving us the information that these balloons need to be sent to understand the atmospheric pressure and other metrics. Also, these conditions change according to the season, and cyclones and typhoons play their part, so these balloons must be sent yearly. He adds that they need loads of data to be fed to their algorithms.

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