Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin

You must be aware that China is strictly against any country or organization providing assistance to Taiwan as it claims that Taiwan is part of China and believes that the only help Taiwan can get is from China itself and no one else. That is also the reason why China gets cross when US tries to help Taiwan but the US has already said that they will do anything to protect Taiwan from China’s military aggression in order to claim its territory. This is the reason why the US and China’s relations are tensed ever since the last few decades.

Now, China has imposed sanctions on two of the US’ biggest weapon manufacturers over the help they provided to Taiwan. China has imposed trade and investment sanctions on Lockheed Martin and a unit of Raytheon for supplying weapons to Taiwan. China says that they have listed these entities as “unreliable” because they believe these companies can endanger their national sovereignty, security, or development interests, clearly indicating that they see this as a direct threat to themselves.

As we already know, China claims Taiwan as its own but both countries, if we may say so, have been separated since 1949 after a Civil War and have not merged ever since then. It is also worth noting that the Taiwanese ruling party is not in favour of the China-Taiwan merger but the opposition parties in Taiwan have clear interests with China and are also seen having meeting with Chinese leaders as well which tells you that if they come into power, it will be just a matter of time before the two countries reunite. At the moment, the general consensus is not known among the Taiwanese population but a part of it also wants to merge with China.

It is also clear that China’s Xi Jinping will do anything to get Taiwan back as he has ordered his military to be ready for the Taiwan invasion whenever needed and they have also said that if necessary, military will also be used. For this reason, Chinese jets are seen scrambling in the Taiwan airspace quite regularly too.

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