Taiwan Publisher Fu Cha
Taiwan Publisher Fu Cha

We just mentioned earlier this week about a report which revealed that China has officially arrested an activist from Taiwan who is fighting for the independence of Taiwan from China and had established a party as well which is now defunct. However, the fact that China kept this activist in detention for almost an year before announcing his arrest raised a lot of suspicion as well. Now, a similar incident has come to light again and this time, it is a book publisher from Taiwan who has been detained by the Chinese authorities.

A Taiwan-based book publisher named Li Yanhe, who is better known for his pen name Fu Cha, has been detained and placed under investigation in China due to suspicion of “endangering state security” as revealed by China after concerns grew of his going missing all of a sudden. China’s Taiwan Affairs Office revealed that the publisher was detained on charges that he was involved in “suspected engagement in activities that endangered state security.” and is being investigated as well. Talking about the “activities that endangered state security”, we would like to inform you that publisher had published books that were critical of the Chinese Communist Party and that is the reason why he has been detained.

It is known that Li had to travel to Shanghai due to certain reasons to renounce his Chinese citizenship. It is revealed that “Li had obtained Taiwan citizenship and went back to Shanghai in March seeking to renounce his Chinese citizenship as required by Taiwan’s immigration law”. This is when the Chinese authorities detained him and he is now under investigation.

Li published his work under Gusa Publishing. Editors who worked at Gusa Publishing have revealed a statement saying that “He is not an extremist. All the work he published is of academic nature and is already out in the public domain,” It was revealed that “In Taiwan, freedom of speech and publication, and academic freedom are like the air we breathe. They are part of daily life for every reader, every author, every translator, and every editor,” and they have called for Li’s release.

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