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TAIPEI, Jan. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Launched in 2013, VoiceTube successfully created the biggest English language learning platform in Asia with over four million registered users.

Users can not only find English videos with subtitles but can also engage themselves in a specially designed learning system for targeting learnings.

Through research and technology innovation, VoiceTube found the most efficient method to learn English, and they are now ready to expand the learning platform to a wider part of the world.

A data-driven education startup

Closely observing their users’ learning habits, combined with the latest research on the most effective learning patterns, VoiceTube has carefully curated a “Guided Learning Method”, which hopes to make the language learning process more efficient and engageable for their users.

Keeping their purpose in mind, “Guided Learning Method” is a natural learning process.

Started with Input, Imitation then Output, VoiceTube offers authentic English keyword selections, continues with repeated practice to improve on language comprehension, and follows with interactive practices with corrections to achieve the users’ English learning goals.

VoiceTube’s innovative learning method also focuses on sentence patterns and vocabulary.

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On top of the learning method model, VoiceTube also created two functions to guide their users on targeted learning.

From the editorial team selected featured videos, it provides highlighted sentences and key points to learn English through native language conversations.

Additionally, through “fill in the blank” practices, VoiceTube creates repeated listening opportunities to help their users to memorize vocabulary in the most efficient way.

Throughout the learning process, users are able to collect achievement points by completing the designated tasks.

The personal ranking chart is a great way to visualize learning progress, it is also a great method to boost the interaction rate with their users for continuous engagement during their English learning journey.

A good experience is an important part of learning

VoiceTube continues to innovate throughout the years, and launched “VoiceTube Dictionary”: an offline English-Chinese dictionary with pronunciation assistance and word form explanations.

AI data analysis technology was implemented in the learning module, working together with VocieTube’s exclusive “video example sentence” designed by professional editors, so users are not only able to strengthen their memory on the vocabulary they have learned but also to extend their knowledge through AI technology generated vocabularies for a broader realm of the learning experience.

Through “VoiceTube Dictionary”, users are able to start with daily selected keywords which come with video examples to showcase the vocabulary in terms of authentic usage.

Then AI data analysis will recommend related words to the user to expand their vocabulary count and understanding.

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Professionally curated for an individual’s English learning goals

In order for their users to easily navigate to their preferred content, videos are categorized in various channels and at different levels, such as CNN, TOEIC, or TOEFL exams.

VoiceTube also delivers three types of products targeting various levels of language learners: VoiceTube, VoiceTube Hero and VoiceTube Vclass.

VoiceTube is a daily continuous learning solution. For example, it hosts daily pronunciation challenges, to which users are able to upload their recordings of daily challenge content.

Compared to VoiceTube, the Hero version focuses on short term learning improvement. It is based on internationally popular videos, along with practice tests on listening, reading, writing and speaking.

AI technology can recommend learning levels and continue to review programs based on the user’s learning outcome.

VoiceTube Vclass recruits educational celebrities to jointly develop original English courses and teaching materials.

A full range of learning needs can be met from beginner to advanced levels.

Educational experts were invited to create materials that focus on common learning mistakes and the method to deliver effective ways of learning.

VoiceTube is aiming to become the largest technology based language learning platform in Asia.

Starting with self-learning English during post-working hours, Zenn, Lai and Tsai co-founded VoiceTube.

VoiceTube has now won numerous awards throughout the years. It was selected by Facebook as the 2016, App Of The Year, QS Stars Reimagine Education Awards “Bronze Award” in Educational App, and as Venturap 2015 AP-OIP Summit Silver Award.

Moreover, VoiceTube was more recently selected by the Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) as one of the 100 featured Taiwanese startups to showcase at CES 2021.

Currently working together with Taiwan Tech Arena, and recently attracting a fund valued at US$350 million led by Digital Economy Fund and Golden Asia Fund II, VoiceTube is working on its expansion into Japanese and South East Asian markets, elevating the product’s user experiences,.

They have also started a new wave of recruitment to gather professionals from big data, AI technology and the data science industries to innovate the language learning platform further.

In the coming years, VoiceTube looks forward to increasing their registered users to more than 500 million with more diverse markets of audience.

VoiceTube is ready to initiate the innovation in language learning platform, and continue to build bonds between users to create the strongest language learning community across the world.

CES 2021 TTA-VR Pavilion: https://pse.is/3b86hf

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