TAIPEI, Jan, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — dentall Global has introduced the dentall HiS software, an E-commerce platform for dental supply, online/offline lecture and management consulting in the industry.

The company intends to implement the software with multiple functions including ERP, CRM, billing and AI image sourcing technology into all the dental practices.

The brand-new clinic management system – “dentall HiS” is a gift for dentistry. dentall HIS helps elevate clinic businesses by better knowing and communicating with your patients in an easy way.

dentall HiS is expected to be the game changer of the global dentistry. This has made dentall Global been selected by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) as one of the 100 featured Taiwanese startups to showcase at CES 2021.

A comprehensive system to save costs, increase income

dentall HiS is the most comprehensive software for treatment plan or history. The dentall HiS system has integrated the patient’s EMR, treatment history, x-ray image, and all relevant information in one place. We save time for dentists to better manage the treatment process.

The dentall HIS system is a brand-new design that is innovated by experienced product designers, computer scientists, software engineers, and dentistry specialists.

dentall HiS could analyze data to know your clinic and patient better. With integrated CRM and ERP features in the dentall HIS system, it has never been so easy to manage your practice by the data-centric analysis service.

This can help clinics to increase profit and save unnecessary costs.

The advanced CRM and ERP integrated inside the dentall HIS

Know your patients better – You can easily realize the metrics from our analytics dashboard. We analyze patients’ behavior with AARRR to increase patients’ adhesion and retention. Then we provide smart instructions by recommending appropriate actions/appointments/notifications to you the company says.

Manage your clinic in a smart way – The ultimate goal is to increase your revenue and save your expense cost for good. Our intelligent management of consumables/suppliers and automatic ordering reminders can prevent you from running out of stock and manage it in a smart way they add.

Redefine the ways of recording treatments – The simple and polished graphic interface is your time-saver to document treatment records. Moreover, showing the diagnosis results in an intuitive and professional manner to your patient is the way to enhance the relationships between you and patients.

Differentiate the treatment types and queue status with colors – Using different colors to display the treatment types and queue status. You can just glimpse at the schedule without further clicks on the appointment tags and looking into the notes.

Visualize the metrics across the timeline – Our software visualizes all the metrics you care about from patient statistics to income analysis on a monthly basis. Find out the best policy to improve your clinic’s business at a glance.

Multi-clinic Management – We also provide you the flexibility to manage more than one clinic simultaneously.

Guaranteed data security – Crucially the company also says they provide enterprise-level security mechanisms to ensure all data is safe and well-protected.

Transfer the data effortlessly – All the data stored in your current system will be imported to the dentall HIS by our IT team.

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