TAIPEI, Jan. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Goama Games (also known as Go Games) is riding the continued rise in the number of mobile users is on track to hit 3.5 billion or about 45 percent of the world’s population.

E-sports apps have been gaining traction in recent years – most recently because of COVID-19 pandemic-related lockdowns.

Taking advantage of this trend, Goama gives its subscribers ad-free access to hundreds of top-rated games that would otherwise be too expensive to play.

Goama offers 2,000 games in its library and regularly gives subscribers a rotating list of 400 games.

The company also has a B2B2C (business-to-business-to-consumer) model through which partners such as digital payment app providers, telecom companies, and on-demand delivery companies host games on their apps by embedding Goama.

Wayne Kennedy, Co-Founder of Goama said the company recently pivoted from a subscription-only model to a tournaments model by working with super apps.

This move has given Goama access to an even more-sizable market at a lower burn rate for consumer marketing and created additional monetization options around ads and partnerships.

“The success of super apps has led many apps to embark on the quest to drive up their user engagement and provide users with more reasons to use their app,” Goama CEO Taro Araya, a Japanese national born in Colombia, recently stated.

“Gaming is a key vertical, but many struggle to manage this, with complex content rights and an ever-moving user experience. Our solution turns any digital platform into a gaming powerhouse to boost engagement, reduce the cost of acquisition, and increase brand awareness.”

Goama prides itself on being driven by a “rock and roll” team from 10 different countries sharing more than a century of combined experience in the digital space and gaming. “We are dedicated to delivering fresh games on our competitive platform every week. Our key partners in over 17 countries are driving over 2 million minutes of game time every week,” Goama said.

The Importance of User Engagement in Mobile Apps

One of Goama’s mission is to keep its users engaged. “When you create a mobile app, you face two challenges. Not only does the app need to be compelling enough to earn a spot on the user’s home screen; it must also keep users engaged so that they continue using and interacting with it.” For Goama, achieving this is not about turning an app into a game but rather about using certain game features to enhance the user’s app experience to make it more engaging.

Potential of Goama Games

CEO Taro Araya holds an MBA from HEC- Paris, London School of Economics & Political Sciences, and New York UniversityLeonard N. Stern School of Business (2009-2011).

He speaks fluent English, Spanish, and Japanese and has worked for Ericsson in Bangladesh, built an agritech startup in Myanmar, and is the founder of Goama, which now has over 470,000 subscribers in the emerging markets of Asia and Latin America.

The great potential of Goama Games secured it a place as one of the 100 featured Taiwanese startups showcased in the Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) at CES 2021.

CES 2021 TTA-VR Pavilion:


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