Khalistani Protests
Khalistani Protests

As we had mentioned in our earlier article, the Canadian government accused the Indian government of killing a Sikh activist in Canada who is said to be a Canadian citizen and the Indian side calls him a Khalistani because of his obvious involvement in the Khalistan movement that has been around since a long time, previously in India’s Punjab and now in Canada. The Indian Government denies its involvement in the killing and have acted against the Canadian Government for such a huge allegation and they have also stopped giving visa to Canadian citizens right now.

Amidst all this, it should be made clear that the Khalistani movement is supported by only a handful of communities in Canada and maybe in India as well but a large majority of Sikhs do not support this movement. However, the Sikhs in Canada had decided to hold a protest against the Indian Government in front of Indian embassy in order to register their protest over the killings of its leaders among other things. It is reported that “About 100 protesters in Toronto burned an Indian flag and struck a cardboard cut-out of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a shoe. About 200 protesters also gathered outside the Vancouver consulate.”

Also, the report mentions that “In Ottawa, fewer than 100 people gathered in front of the Indian High Commissioner’s office (embassy) in the capital. They waved yellow flags marked with the world “Khalistan”, a reference to their support for making India’s Punjab region an independent state for Sikhs”. The group named Sikhs for Justice says that “We are really thankful to Justin Trudeau… We want no stone left unturned to get to the bottom of this cowardly act,” and they want to add pressure on Indian Government to “stop the killing of innocent people in future.” and also mentioned that “The Indian government used dirty tactics and compromised the sovereignty of Canada”. India, who had already designated Nijjar as a “terrorist” in July 2020, clearly said that they oppose anyone who wants to harm the sovereignty of the country and also oppose the Khalistani movement with all its might.

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