Canada court addressed trucker blockade on Ambassador Bridge. Protestors occupy the main crossing at Canada’s border. This happened in spite of a court ruling ordering them to leave. The directive came into effect on Friday to end days of protests.

Truckers are blockading Ambassador Bridge. This bridge is a big trade link between Windsor, Ontario, and Detroit, Michigan. These protests are also against COVID restrictions. These protests are also ongoing at other border crossings in Ottawa.

They said they were under a huge loss of $50m per day because of the convoy.

Windsor police offered the statement to make them aware that it was a criminal offense. This was to follow a court order and to block the border crossing.

The police also said, “this will cause criminal convictions and lead to the seizure of vehicles and inability to enter the US.”

A few hours later, huge crowds of people holding Canadian flags continued the protest. Hundreds of other protestors continued to prove in Ottawa. Anti-vaccine mandate protesters occupied other border crossings with the US.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also talked with US President Joe Biden. The talk concerned the border blockades. Both of them discussed their “shared challenges at the border”. They decided to take rapid action to resume trade sooner.

Mr. Trudeau stated that he and Mr. Biden discussed police emergency call centers. The calls were also about donations. And help that protestors are receiving from American citizens.

The protesters at Ambassador Bridge are not going to stop their protests anyhow. This vote was a resounding cry of “Freedom”. This blockade resulted in the loss of billions in trade. Also, in court proceedings, representatives from the automotive industry. The crowd has grown merrier with pop music on the speakers.

The week-long blockade also led to the loss of 25% of US-Canada yearly trade. General Motors, Ford, Toyota, and Honda plants halted production. The company canceled work shifts due to the blockade.

The US Department of Homeland warns convoy may leave California this weekend.

Credits: BBC

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