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Taiwan’s Yi Fang Fruit Tea has closed 30 stores in 4 months since the controversy

We know that there has been a lot of things said and done about the Yi Fang tea stores in Taiwan in the past few months. This is related to the controversial statements that have been circulated by the Yi Fing tea store's social media accounts. The store has said that it was done by an employee who has now been removed from the job. However, the backlash from that statement keeps on continuing for the Yi Fang tea store and there is no sign of improvement. For those who are not aware of the development, Taiwan's Yi Fang tea…

Taiwan Railways releases its new trains for 2021 ordered from Japan

There has been a lot of development in the various sectors of the Taiwanese economy recently. We know that the world economy is facing a crisis due to the various factors but Taiwan is a country which is growing despite that crisis. Talking about the growth, while everyone is reporting a decline in economic growth in the third quarter of 2019, Taiwan has reported an increase. This shows that the Taiwanese economy is on track to grow even further once the situation around the world stabilizes. Talking about the…

Taiwan’s military announces relaxation on its tattoo ban in 2020

We know that there are organizations in the government sector which have some strict rules which need to be followed in order to get a job. For example, you must have heard that there are rules in the army and military where you are not allowed to have tattoos on your body and drink or smoke as well as maintain the uniform's integrity at all costs. Now, we know that the integrity of uniform needs to be maintained as well as smoking/drinking can hinder the performance of the military so it is reasonable to be banned. But the…

Despite Trade War, Taiwan Raises Economic Forecast For 2020

The ongoing US-China trade war seems to be impacting everyone, except perhaps Taiwan. The country just raised its economic forecasts for the next year, clearly coming out on top of the tariffs imposed on China. The detailed statement, released by the statistical department of the Taiwanese government, brought many insights into the country's economy. It said that Taiwan's economy is expected to grow in 2020 by 2.72% (as opposed to 2.58% predicted in August). In this year alone, despite the trade war, its economy is…

In Taiwan, Southeast Asians Find Roots In A Bookstore

Humans often tend to create and sustain differences between each other. In some way or the other, things always end up as "us and them". It was no different in Taiwan, where the local community often looked down upon the immigrant workers from Southeast Asia. However, one couple wants to change this with their perseverance and books. Yun Chan-Lio and Chang Cheng are a couple and former journalists. They remember how a decade ago, migrants lamented that the Taiwanese love their cats and dogs, but hate the migrant workers.…

Taiwan’s 15-year-old bubble tea shop rumored to be shut down

While there is a lot of craze about bubble tea in various parts of Taiwan, we know that there is a lot of tradition attached to it as well. You must be aware that there are shops in Taiwan selling bubble tea which are decades old and one of them is Chen San Ding which is also famous for its beverages. This shop is located in Taipei and has been selling bubble tea for a decade and a half until recently when the shop was suddenly closed and it has not happened since the past two weeks. Apparently, there has been a talk on…

Taiwan’s TSMC all set to become world’s no. 3 chip supplier

We have seen that the world's chips seen on smartphones, TVs, tablets and other electronics is manufactured in Taiwan most of the times. However, most of the world believe that their chips are made by China and Taiwan is not recognized globally as a result. But we are all set to see Taiwan recognized as a global chipmaker because of the fact that Taiwan's TSMC is set to be ranked as world's no 3 chip supplier. TSMC which stands for Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company is expected to have a 1% increase in revenue…
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