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Britain’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has said it “may be up to individual publicans” whether or not to require a vaccine ‘passport’ in admitting future customers.

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Britain’s hospitality industry has been devastated by the coronavirus pandemic with thousands of pubs and restaurants up and down the country going belly up over the past 12 months of on-off again lockdowns and ever changing government policies.

And with no final decision forthcoming from authorities on exactly when and to what degree pubs will be allowed to open to the public, the only indication that there is any movement on the horizon is a recent BBC report saying “A government source told the BBC that the option of allowing people to show a negative test was … being looked at.”

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Conservative MP Steve Baker, who represents one of the most affluent areas in the country said in the same report the possibility of needing a vaccine passport was a “ghastly trap” going on to mention it being a decision that would work against those who opted not to have a vaccine.

The UK is currently leading the world in terms of total vaccines administered and the percentage of the population covered, but there are still some holdouts for whom the vaccine is not a road they are willing to go down.

Mr. Baker continued “First they said we’ll need them to watch the football, and today that it may be papers for the pub” going on to say that pregnant women who are unable to take the vaccine will themselves be unable to “(take) part in society.”

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Pubs play a crucial part in the social fabric of the UK and the Prime Minister’s comments will be analysed and interpreted by the media and population at large over the coming days and weeks with many likely to refer to a response by Kate Nicholls, the current chief executive of UK Hospitality who has gone on record saying the sector should not be “subject to mandatory vaccination certification” as “It is simply unworkable, would cause conflict between staff and customers and almost certainty result in breaches of equality rules.”

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