Britain will send anti-tank missiles to Ukraine. The supply of weapons is for self-defense. Russian troops marched to the borders. A small team of British troops will provide training to Ukrainian soldiers.

Britain also points out that the Russian troops can invade the country. Russia sent 100,000 troops to the borders. It calls out for legitimate and real cause for concern.

British troops have been in Ukraine since 2015. They trained the armed forces there. The UK also committed to helping build Ukraine’s Navy. This happened after Russia’s invasion of Crimea.

Mr. Ben Wallace understands the threats. Therefore, the UK will provide extra help. He calls Russia’s move increasingly threatening.

Britain sent its first set of armors on Monday. The defense secretary also didn’t specify the type of weapons.

He calls out the very right of Ukraine to defend itself. With the weapon, they will be able to do it.

To support this move, he also said, “Let me be clear: this support is for short-range and clearly defensive weapon capabilities; they are not strategic weapons and pose no threat to Russia; they are to use in self-defense.”

With this, there is also a package of international sanctions. Britain will send the package if Russia takes any destabilizing action.

The country will consider the invasion as “occupation”. This can lead to a huge loss of life. And, this is the last thing that should happen.

Britain expects friendship from Russia. Also, it reminisces the 100 years of friendship with the people of Russia. The defense secretary wants diplomacy to prevail. But the ball is definitely in the court of Putin.

The Ukrainian Ambassador cherishes Britain’s help in the hard times. Ukraine also wants to become part of NATO, and Russia is clearly standing in its way.

The tension between militaries was always there. Western and Ukrainian intelligence also called out the invasion in 2022. With the current situation, it is likely to happen.

Credits: BBC

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