Boris Nemtsov

The death of Boris Nemtsov opened once again. Nemtsov died on February 27, 2015. The death aligns with the date of planning to lead a protest against the war.

There was evidence found by Bellingcat, The Insider, and BBC. It detailed how there were 13 trips before his murder. Five Chechen guys were responsible for his murder. They were behind bars immediately.

However, the official inquiry didn’t give much detail on who ordered the killing and why?

There was an agent by the name of Valery Sukharev. He was a member of Russia’s top security agency, the FSB.

The FSB is responsible for controlling internal political risks. It works on behalf of the Kremlin. The power also details the monitoring of individuals. All reservations required for monitoring are available in the FSB’s Magistral database.

The database not only catches the movements of people. The data also comes in handy in tracing the spies themselves. This information was frequently leaked to the black market. They end up with the journalists.

It also confirms that Boris Nemtsov was under observation by a Russian government agent. A secret assassination squad was on duty.

The inquiry brings up to the surface that Mr. Nemtsov was being followed on at least 13 journeys. It was from the hacked train and airplane reservation data.

Bellingcat outlines the detail from the brokers in Russia. They acquired the information from unscrupulous officials. They have access to Magistral. The BBC also utilized the information available for free for people.

Bellingcat had conducted several investigations. The assassination in Russia using data from Magistral data. They also traced back the investigations to bring up the existence of a secret death squad. They work under the FSB to target Kremlin foes. The Russian government also continues to deny all these accusations.

Mr. Sukharev’s train and flight bookings tell a different story. And, the very comparison of Boris Nemtsov’s known itineraries takes another turn. There is an undeniable pattern in both of them.

Credits: BBC

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