Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson will defend his actions on the Afghanistan crisis in the Commons. He will reiterate his vows to use complete resources to help the people of Afghanistan.

Both he and Dominic Raab are facing criticism over the response of the UK regarding the Thai takeover. The Prime Minister will make a statement in the House later. The top general of the UK said that “everybody got it wrong” on how quickly the Taliban gained control.

Labour was among those warning that the UK might face a terror threat if extremism flourishes in Afghanistan. The last British and US troops walked out of Afghanistan after the evacuation. There is criticism in the way the West withdrew. Questions are surfacing that cover how the Taliban speedily seized control over the country. There are also concerns that many Afghans who were eligible to come to the UK have been left behind.

Mr. Boris Johnson will pledge to use economic, diplomatic, and political means to protect the country and to help the Afghan people. He said that Western the government could withhold substantial funds from the Taliban.

He previously said that the courage and ingenuity that the UK showed during the evacuation of 15000 people from Kabul is impeccable. The Prime Minister is about to provide an update on the new resettlement program for Afghans. It will allow a total of 20000 people to settle in the UK in the coming days.

Mr. Johnson will use his Commons speech to thank British servicemen and women who worked on the issue.

On Sunday, Gen Sir Nick Carter, chief of defense staff, said that the pace of the Taliban’s takeover was surprising.

“I don’t think what anybody predicted was how fragile that Afghan government was and how fragile it was about the command of its armed forces.”

Lisa Nandy, Labour’s shadow foreign secretary, said that there was a strong possibility for Britain to be less safe due to the events in Afghanistan.

“The urgent task for the government… is to make sure Afghanistan doesn’t collapse once again into a haven of terrorism,” she said.

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