Afghan defence minister

On Tuesday night, gunmen attacked with a car bomb and fired shots nearby the house of Bismillah Khan Mohammadi. The Afghan defence minister was not at home during the incident. Officials said four out of five gunmen were killed while the minister’s family moved to a safer place.

The Taliban reported that they are responsible for the attack. They further warned about more such upcoming attacks against the government leaders. The UN Security Council happened to call for an instant end to the ferocity.

Report claims over 20 people were injured in the incident. The interior ministry says it was a suicide bomb. Special forces headed towards the heavily fortified enclave, which is right outside the Green Zone. There are several government buildings and embassies located in that neighborhood. The gunbattle lasted for over three hours before the violence came to an end. After the attack, the Afghan defence minister tweeted, “Do not worry, everything is fine!”

Hours later the attack, residents of Kabul took to the rooftops and streets to shout Allahu Akbar. The videos went viral on social media in no media. People of Kabul claim it to be their expression of protest against the Taliban attacks. On Monday, a similar scene spotted in the city of Heart after it faced lots of vehemence, including heavy fighting.

The BBC’s Secunder Kermani says this sort of public expression of defiance works encourages the administration of the country. It also provides moral support to the embattled Afghan security forces and the militants practicing to wrest authority of a range of provincial capitalists.

The Taliban happened to mark further advances this week, regardless of US and Afghan warplanes targeting the agitators. Several reports claim that the Taliban fighters had sought shelters inside the bazaar, shops, and homes. The militants keep warning people through loudspeakers to leave houses for their safety.

Credits: BBC

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