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President Joe Biden has said that he is standing “squarely” behind the US exit from Afghanistan. This remark comes from him as he is facing criticism over the lightning conquest of the Taliban in Afghanistan. To defend his actions, the president said that “there was never a good time to withdraw US forces ‘.

On 15th August Taliban declared their victory over Afghanistan as President Ashraf Ghani fled post the collapse of his government. It brings an end to the 20 years of US-led coalition in this country. Kabul has been the last major city to fall to the Taliban. But their easy conquest over the territories is now shocking many observers. Biden made his remark following the dramatic day at the Kabul International Airport. At least hundreds of civilians took depreciate steps to flee the country.

Many have thronged the runway while running alongside the aircraft. Some are clinging to the side of the place. Two of them fell from the aircraft as it left the ground. American Troops have killed two armed Afghans who breached the airport perimeters. Overall, 7 people have died.

The US has suspended its evacuation process from Kabul, but now it has resumed again. A picture that surfaces show that 640 Afghans have packed onboard a US military cargo plane that left for Qatar. Civilians are panicking to leave the country.

The Taliban have also announced that they are calling for a general amnesty for the government officials. They have urged them to return to work. An official statement says that officers should continue their duties without any fear.

Biden is now facing a political backlash over this turmoil created in Kabul. Former US President George W Bush, who imposed military intervention 20 years ago, said the tragic events in Afghanistan are the reason for deep sadness.

Biden said when he was the vice-president, he opposed the 2009 deployment of more troops into the country. He also noted that he had inherited a deal that negotiated with the Taliban under former president Mr. Trump.

He doesn’t want to mislead the American people with the claim that just a little more time in Afghanistan will make any difference. Last month he assured that the Taliban would overrun the country. However, the opinion polls suggest that most Americans support the US exit from Afghanistan. But Biden is still facing a barrage of criticism over it.

Credits: BBC

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