One of the most highly anticipated political events of this year is the Geneva summit. It will take place between the Russian president Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Joe Biden. Putin will arrive in Geneva on Wednesday morning for this summit.

This highly anticipated summit will take place at Villa La Grange, which is in the capital of Switzerland. This location has a history of political neutrality, which has made it become the first choice. Also, it will take up to five hours for the summit.

The summit includes an initial meeting between the two presidents and their closest officials. It will be followed by the talks between the wider Russian and U.S. delegations. After that, there will be press conferences with the two leaders.

Putin arrived in sunny Geneva at roughly near 1 p.m. He has traveled through the city with a large motorcade towards the venue. Biden’s motorcade has also headed towards the same route to the venue.

The Russian president expected to be the first one to arrive at the location of the summit, according to the senior White House officials. The Swiss President Guy Parmelin has also greeted both the leaders.

The summit will begin with a first meeting that will take place between Biden and Putin. Secretary of State Antony Binken and Russia Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and the translators will accompany.

After the accomplishment of the initial meeting, a wider delegation will meet for the several sessions. After that body, the ladders will give separate press conferences. Putin will offer the first media update. Then it will be the turn of Biden. No time has been set aside for a meal during the accomplishment of the summit.

The whole world is closely watching this summit as the U.S. and Russia relations remain in a tense situation. This summit is going to be a hot matter for American diplomacy with its European allies. Biden has visited the U.K. for the Group of Seven summit. Then he attended the NATO summit in Brussels and an EU-US summit on Tuesday. Hence, it is about seeing what is upcoming next for both the countries and the whole world.

Credits: CNBC

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