Disruptive Tech Asean (DTA) to expand in the Thai market
Disruptive Tech Asean (DTA) Will Disrupt the Thai Tech News Ecosystem as AOPG continues its growth across the ASEAN region. CYBERJAYA, Malaysia, Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Southeast Asia's leading specialist IT news publisher, Asia Online Publishing Group (AOPG), today announced the launch of the Thai language edition of the leading news portal, disruptivetechasean.com.
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Disruptive Tech Asean (DTA) to expand in the Thai market Disruptive Tech Asean (DTA) to expand in the Thai market[/caption]

Since launching datastorageasean.com back in 2014, AOPG has become the region's leading independent publisher of enterprise IT news.

By providing highly focused news portals, AOPG has been able to serve IT professionals with targeted and relevant news content. The approach has been successful with the company growing revenues, staff and online titles every year since that time.

Melina Hwang, AOPG's General Manager and Co-Founder, explained, "We have always prided ourselves on being the go-to resource on specialised tech news for readers across ASEAN, but were always aware that we could not adequately serve the Thai market by publishing in English. We looked at our various titles and decided that disruptive tech is highly relevant in the Thai market. IT professionals in Thailand are often fast adopters of new disruptive technologies. It made sense to make disruptivetechasean.com our first publication specifically geared to Thai IT professionals." Thai readers can expect more to follow. Hwang highlighted, "We believe that the Thai tech news market is underserved at the moment and we intend to fill a gap. In addition to providing news and interviews on enterprise-class disruptive technology, we also plan to extend our current studio-quality webinar capability to Thailand and will soon be running professional-level informative live webinars presented in Thai." The announcement has been met with positive response from industry experts and vendors alike, who are hoping that the portal will provide IT professionals and enterprises in the fast-developing country with a new avenue for the latest disruptive technology news and information. "AOPG have been a successful partner for Cloudera and we welcome this move to expand to Thailand. We look forward to working with them on this new venture to showcase how organisations are adopting an enterprise data cloud to harness and drive business outcomes from their data," said Gabrielle Cichero, Head of Marketing, APAC, Cloudera. Pang Yee Beng, Senior Vice President, South Asia, and Managing Director, Malaysia at Dell Technologies commented, "As we witness the data decade take off, advancements in the areas of multi-cloud, edge, 5G, data management, AI/ML and security are playing an increasingly central role in digital transformation and business decisions around the globe. Being a publication uniquely focused on emerging technologies in the ASEAN market positions Disruptive Tech Asean as a strong news source for an important growth market like Thailand. We congratulate AOPG on this welcomed move and we look forward to continue working together across Southeast Asia." Like other ASEAN countries, Thailand has seen an acceleration in digital transformation across multiple sectors including e-commerce, fintech, cloud and smart city innovation. In fact, Statista projects that the usage of the Internet will grow up to 87% of the Thai population in 2025. Research from Statista regarding the consumer behaviour and media consumption in Thailand also shows that 43.9% of generation Z aged 23 years and younger read online news publications, whilst 16.2% of baby boomers aged between 57 and 75 years reflect a growing number of the older generations starting to move to online news. This shows that regardless of demographics, there is a growing appetite for online content in the country, which DTA Thailand hopes to serve. Melina Hwang confirmed, "Content around disruptive technologies are always an interesting read and AOPG hopes that with DTA Thailand, we can bring important and engaging subject matters to the country, in the same way, we have with the English version of the portal."

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