Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler

America’s Democrats are finally standing up to the anarchists who have run riot across much of the US in recent months destroying property and ruining lives while pretending to be acting for the greater good, with the Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler one of the most prominent characters to do so thus far.

Ted Wheeler

Mayor Wheeler late last week asked his city’s residents to help authorities to unmask those in the “self-described anarchist mob” who have left many in the city in a state of terror following repeat acts of violence and anti-property vandalism since last year.

“The city is beginning to recover, but self-described anarchists who engage in regular criminal destruction don’t want things to open up, to recover,” Mayor Wheeler said after he extended an ongoing state of emergency in Portland until today following unrest from leftists after the trial of Derek Chauvin, a white police officer found guilty in relation to the death of George Floyd, a black American.

Floyd was a convicted criminal with a history of drug use and time in prison who was once arrested in a case that saw him threaten a pregnant woman with a gun.

His death while being detained by police has since been turned into a political issue by groups such as ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter in many countries, with shrines and murals to Floyd set up across the globe.


In the run up to the conviction of Chauvin, property damage of around US$20,000 was inflicted on a children’s facility in the north east of Portland and just days earlier police were called out to a riot at the city’s First Christian Church following reports of gun shots.

Mayor Wheeler has asked the Portland public to share information on known rioters saying “(T)hey want to prevent us from doing the work of making a better Portland for everyone. They want to burn, they want to bash.”

“Together we can make a stand,” he added. “We’re doing what we can today. I’m also asking for your help to make a stand and take our city back.”

Just hours after the mayor made his appeal, leftists once again rioted and caused property damage – again in the city’s north east.

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