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Joe Biden, President of the United States, is soon to visit the Middle East. This may not be the best choice for a personal visit to the country. The Democratic Party Colleagues may encounter bruises from the mid-term election. The result mainly focused on November’s mid-term election. The Russia-Ukraine war brought two nuclear-powered strong countries the risk of the cold war. China continues to wait for the decision to become global power as soon as America turns down.

Joe Biden’s visit to the Middle East will make this worse. It may even end up limiting American power. The history of Biden’s visit to Jerusalem as vice-president in the time of Obama doesn’t turn out to be good. The humiliation was at par when he called out a freeze on the Israel settlement project focused on Jews. The international law calling it illegal was another part of the humiliation story.

In the coming visit, President Biden will visit the Palestinian territories first. He will then head to Saudi Arabia to join the summit featuring many gulf leaders. The leader accompanying Joe Biden will be from different regions of the Middle East; Jordan, Egypt, and Iraq.

The traveling mostly centers on the depth and complicated purview of the crisis. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has destroyed any hope of peaceful co-existence. The economic fallout may be another responsible factor for his loss of votes in the country. The faultline of American allies and enemies is again taking two sides. The regions of the Middle East may become a battleground of war and create destruction.

The trip to the Middle East may end up as another reminder for declination towards influencers. He may call out for the independence of the Palestinian state from Israel. Another agenda of the trip focuses on oil. He will ask the Saudis to produce more oil and sell it to lower prices. With Russia’s cut on offering soil to the country, the deficit and economic failure need serious addressing.

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